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Never let anyone insult or embarrass you through your favourite character or TV show. I see it happen far too much on here, and frankly it’s ridiculous. We’re all in the same boat, but everyone has a different story. And every story has parallels. I don’t care if you identify with a mass murdering psychopath, an alien from god knows where, a historical figure or a human-monster hybrid. I don’t care if they’re animated or live action or based on a real person or in a book or whatever. People see themselves in the stories they watch, and the characters that live out those stories. Sometimes, those characters are perfectly lovely but also sometimes those characters are messed up. They think differently, they have tragic backstories and they don’t fit in. You know what? Neither do real people. These stories may be fantasy, but that doesn’t mean they’re less important.

So stop hating on each other, we’ve all got our reasons.